Chic Basket

This collection is a must-have of elegance and it recalls the unique hand-made art of straw plaiting, a method of manufacturing products by braiding straw. This art has a long-lasting tradition in the Italian Veneto region of bags and hats, and it stars the knot in the beauty of gold.

Easy Chic

Auritalia classics are expression of Vicenza’s craftsmanship and the printed effect, typical of the area, must be found in every jewellery store. Easy Chic jewels are timeless and make every woman feel perfect in every occasion.

Glittering Love

As the saying goes, diamonds are women’s best friends and, in fact, a long-standing legend considers them lucky. The Auritalia gold collection Glittering Love shows the brilliance of diamonds through the hands of Vicenza’s goldsmith masters. The two joined circles and the infinity symbol are two classics that express two souls connected with everlasting love.

Brave Man for Peace

The gold jewelry “Brave Man for Peace by Auritalia” is a hymn for Peace, which Auritalia has been representing since 2000 with the Jewel for Peace for UNESCO. Auritalia, historic brand acquired by Maria De Toni, celebrates its 30-year Anniversary (1987-2017). “Brave Man for Peace” is the emblem of this revival relaunching the symbols and the ethical values of the historic Royal Body of “Carabinieri d’Italia” since 1814, through jewels for a contemporary man who chooses bravery as his life’s essence.