The Poetry of H.P.-ART 

H.P.-ART is the name which identifies an innovative and spontaneous artistic movement, created in 1997, by inspiration of Maria Loretta De Toni: the first exhibition of the movement took place in June 1998 in the Godi Malinverni Villa of Lugo Vicentino. H.P.-ART is Human Power, is Heart Power, is High Performance, is Horse Power. The poetry by Maria Loretta De Toni holds hope in a world where the talents of each individual person can become the driving force of society.

Glittering love… by Auritalia

And we walked moodily along the street,
as we were angry with the world
ripping from life the verdant rustle of the leaves,
the whimsical blossoming of the roses
in the sensual nights of May
scented to open your impetuous love…

© 4.5.2017 Maria Loretta De Toni by H.P.-Art 

Early Fall

a few drops on my skin,
touching a humid tree,
smelling green moss around me,
sitting on a bed of soft leaves
pomegranates full of red seeds
feeling your lips
smoothly caressing my being.

© 7.10.2013 Maria Loretta De Toni by H.P.-Art 

The Garden of Eden

My Prince of the Universe
is coming with the morning
full of light
In his brightness
he touches the leaves of the garden
he whispers to the waters of the fountain
he listens to the vibrations of love.
He gets confused by the noise
he gets struck by a butterfly
he gets silent by being
hugged, cuddled and loved.
My Prince of the Universe
handsome like the grass
sweet like the air
wild like the wind
remembers the teachings of life:
one kiss creates two kisses
three kisses create a world of kisses
for you, for me and for the Universe.
My Prince of the Universe
magic like
a waterfall of love
help the Universe with me!

© 2004 Maria Loretta De Toni by H.P.-Art 

Auritalia Awards by Maria De Toni

1998-1999: Jewel Winner International Competition on African Culture. Designer Silvia Poschich

1999-2000: Jewel Winner International Competition on Arabic Culture. Designer Claudia Malvestio

2000: Jewel for Peace by UNESCO in support of Manifesto for Peace. Designer Silvia Petrini

Maria De Toni Awards

2008: “Palladio and the Orient” Collection by Maria De Toni. Limited Edition.  A yellow and white gold pendant dedicated to Andrea Palladio, a famous Vicenza architect (1508-1580). The jewel renders the serliana structure with a diamond at its centre and a grating full of trilobo shapes representing a raqm (arabic word for embroidery). (1508-2008 celebrating the 500th anniversary from the birth of Andrea Palladio).