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Settled in Sandrigo, in the heart of the Vicenza goldsmith district, the company Maria De Toni reflects the excellence of Italian handcrafted jewellery that comes from a time-honoured Vicenza tradition. Maria De Toni follows the concept of fashion, culture and design in jewellery with “a soul”, inspired by art and nature. The founder and jewellery stylist Dr. Maria Loretta De Toni ...... 


Maria De Toni

High design gold jewels inspired by peoples and cultures around the world


Prêt-à-porter gold jewels of hand-crafted design


Classic gold jewels of Italian and Venetian traditions

Philosophy and Mission

Dr. Maria Loretta De Toni, founder and President of Maria De Toni Srl, has chosen the dual concept of Business & Culture as her company mission. As jewellery stylist and curator of different jewellery exhibitions, she aims to implement, together with her International Team of academic and business professionals, projects of integrated economy that can influence markets, cultures and peoples of the world positively through innovative products “with a soul”. The goal is to create a New economic and cultural Renaissance between the East and the West. 2012-2014: Vice President and since 2015 Advisor of the Chamber of Industries and Services of Confindustria Vicenza (Association of Industries in the Province of Vicenza).  

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